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As a smaller research firm or independent researcher, we understand the tight budgets and delivery pressure you face. When you choose Recollective, you'll get all the support you need to delight your clients.

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Growing our businesses together

Launched in 2011 as a basic do-it-yourself software service, many of the early Recollective customers were independent researchers. As we've evolved to meet the needs of a broader base, we've never lost sight of what's important to the smaller firms–direct, personal support and pragmatic flexibility.

  • Moderator training and certification courses
  • Programming support
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Partnership opportunities

Hear what independent researchers have to say about us

"As a professional researcher, I have encountered and experimented with most of the OLC platforms and technologies out there, but Recollective have created a truly unique, user-friendly and versatile platform that satisfies the sweet spot, striking a perfect balance between community and research."

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Meaghan Willis

Stage6IX Research

"I’ve managed and moderated communities on four different platforms, and by far, Recollective is superior. Their Qual tools and mobile capabilities give community members more forms of expression, which yield greater engagement and deeper insights. And, when I have a question, their top-notch client service team is responsive to my needs."

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Holly O'Neill

Talking Business

"Recollective not only provides a research setting that fosters honest conversation, but their sales and service team serves as an extension of our company. They speak our language, understand our objectives and help execute our vision. Always responsive, enthusiastic and genuine in their guidance – I know I can always count on them."

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Jen Bermingham

Strategic Navigator

4.7 / 555 reviews

Extend your research capabilities

Everything you need

Everything you need in one platform

Recollective's comprehensive toolset makes it possible to conduct the widest range of research without the need to learn and use multiple software platforms.

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Branded demo site

Showcase what you can do to prospective clients with a free, fully-functional and branded demo site. You can even beta test the latest features before they're available to general release.


Training and certification courses

Standard webinar and pre-recorded training is complimentary for independent researchers. For advanced users, we offer in-depth certification courses.

Project-Based Pricing

Project-based pricing

Start with low-risk project licenses from as short as 3 days. No need for a long-term commitment or annual subscription.

Independent researchers successfully build their business with Recollective

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After more than a decade working at research agencies across North America, Meaghan began her career as an independent researcher. Exclusively offering online qualitative research powered by Recollective, her business has thrived and she is now a key partner for organizations such as Dynata and Spin Master.

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