Simple, flexible pricing

Project-based or annual licensed, Recollective's all-inclusive pricing scales to whatever you need.

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Uncomplicated, predictable and competitive

No one wants a surprise bill. That's why Recollective's pricing models are based on simple, quantifiable parameters that scale as your business needs grow.


One platform, one price. No hidden charges for special features. Ongoing updates to Recollective are included to keep your research capabilities future-proofed.

Unlimited activities

Remove variability to better predict your research costs with unlimited activities, completion rates and participant access during your licensed term.

Unlimited admin accounts

No need to share moderator or client-side accounts again. Recollective offers unlimited admin accounts to your whole research team.

Upgrade anytime

Add extra project days, participants or video minutes at any time to address changes to your research and scope as they arise.

Support included

Unlimited training, technical support, best practice advice and a pre-launch site check with feedback at no extra cost.

Hassle-free hosting

Choose to have your data reside in the US, Canada, EU, Australia or Korea as standard. Optional dedicated or high-security server configurations are available on request.

Get started for as little as $665 USD

Contact us for pricing specific to your needs.

Pricing that works the way you do

Pick a pricing model that best fits with how your business works, or combine them for different applications. With a low entry price and everything included, there's very little risk to giving Recollective a try.

Project pricing

Project-only license with no long-term commitment. Beginning at just 3 days with 10 participants or scaling up to any duration and size, choose a tier that fits your needs and pay only for that. Includes pre-launch and post-study admin access, training and support.

Annual license

Build an ongoing research community on Recollective. Participants can be refreshed without changing your pricing tier. These licenses include significant discounts built into the price and can be upgraded if needed.

Multi-client agency license

Designed for research agencies, you’ll get an unlimited number of studies that can be launched each year for many different end-clients, dramatically reducing average project costs and setup time.

Special licenses

Contact us for more information about special pricing for emerging economic regions, education and not-for-profit organizations.

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