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Learn how C+R Research used Recollective for a self-ethnography project

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Innovative insights firm, C+R Research, partnered with a leading food manufacturer to help them understand their consumers and how they use the company’s products when cooking. Recollective allowed the client to get into their consumers’ kitchen to study their habits in-depth and over time, leading to new product ideas and solutions.

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Applications overview

Insight Community

Insight communities

Involve customers earlier in the decision-making process by creating an insight community that lets you check-in on what your target audience has to say at any time.

Pre Assignment

Pre-meeting homework assignments

Take homework assignments to the next level by acclimating respondents to the topic prior to in-person research. Dive deeper, streamline data collection and management, and quickly leverage imagery, quotes, charts and more to bring your final report to life.

Digital Ethnography

Digital ethnography / Asynchronous IDIs

Connect with respondents and understand their behaviour in a natural way using a variety of asynchronous activities and tasks. Conduct in-home ethnographies, usage tests, consumer exploration studies, brand research and more.

Online Focus Group 1

Online focus groups / Live video interviews

Don’t just hear from your customers–see and speak to them directly. Recollective's live video IDI and focus group text chat activities make it easy to bring traditional IDIs online and move participants seamlessly between pre-assignment and in-depth discussions.

Innovation Ideation Co creation

Innovation, ideation and co-creation

Inspire creativity, collaboration and co-creation with your target audience to develop new ideas or enhance existing ones. Rapidly seed and iterate early concepts in the ideation process to gain timely insight into consumer needs and opportunities for further innovation.

Diary Journaling

Diary and journaling

Capture ongoing routines and behaviors at any length or interval in rich detail by having respondents document their experiences through the use of diaries and journals on mobile or desktop.

In The Moment

In-the-moment research

Experience through the eyes of your consumer. Send participants on mobile missions, shop-alongs or any other in-store or in-home experience to capture information, reactions and decisions as they happen.

Other common uses

  • Concept testing (ad, creative, product, etc.)
  • Product and concept development
  • Purchase journey
  • UX testing (website, app, etc.)
  • In-Home Use Tests (IHUTs)
  • Benchmarking and tracking
  • Experience / satisfaction studies
  • Attitudinal and behavioral studies
  • Awareness, perception and performance

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