The Recollective Team is Expanding!

Written by Steve Thompson • Posted on June 7, 2016
What a month May was! We not only helped customers build a record number of new studies on Recollective, but it's with huge delight that we welcome Kerry Hecht to Ramius, joining in a brand new position as Director of Research Services. As many of you know, our company focus has been primarily on research software with (I like to think) some superb complementary services from our team of Implementation Consultants. Those supporting services have been limited to helping clients understand how to best use Recollective, prepare for launch and in some cases, to program the studies. As we continue growing though, it's become very clear there is demand to help researchers do even more with Recollective. So drawing on Kerry's vast experience in the field of online research and services, we plan to implement several new service packages that customers can use to complement their own capabilities. To introduce herself properly and explain a bit more about her role, we asked Kerry to write a few words.
It’s with great pleasure that I have joined the Recollective team. As some of you may know, I’ve been beyond passionate about online qualitative research, specifically communities, for many years. I love the flexibility of the methodology, the depth of responses you get and I love the learning that comes with seeing the interesting and innovative ways people use the tools available. We’ve seen lots of different terminology get thrown around in the space over the years, but at the core has always been tools that allow us to visit people in their world in ways that are comfortable and natural for them. We can follow them through their journeys in a way that we previously weren’t able to. Connections have always been important to me and communities (short, long, ad hoc, pop-up, etc.) do just that – they connect people to the brands, brands to their customers and people to each other. I just love it! Recollective first came on my radar in 2011, at a trade show and presented themselves as the ‘software guys.’ Fast forward to 2016, when I got a demo of the software. I was blown away and ideas began to percolate about how I might be able to work with them. The stars aligned and here I am. As mentioned, what first impressed me about Recollective was the software. The tool was light years beyond what I was used to both in functionality and design. Beyond the software, though, I was impressed by the things I didn’t know about – the infrastructure that has been built around the software to insure client success. Each project is gone through with a fine-toothed comb by an Implementation Consultant. They make suggestions and provide guidance; this is particularly useful for people new to the tool or the methodology. Really, though, I was most impressed by the people I met and their commitment to the success of your project and I feel like we should be shouting this from the rooftops – even though we are a tech company. OUR PEOPLE ARE GREAT (and helpful, and smart!)! My goal is to develop and grow support services for Recollective. More traditional qualitative recruiting and field management would be one area we can now help you with. We already could help you with making sure your guide is optimized for the platform but now we’ll also be able to assist you with participant management or project management. We’ll be here, even more than before, to make sure your project is a success and to function as an extra member of your team if you need us to. If you’re already a client, you’ll be getting a call from me about how your last project went. I want to know everything about it and how we can make the next one better. If you’d like to hear more about us, please feel free to reach out to me directly or to any other member of our team. I look forward to speaking with you. Kerry Hecht
About Kerry Kerry began her career as a phone interviewer for MARC Opinion Research in Dallas at the age of 19 and has worked her way up in the industry ever since. Being an intuitive thinker and tireless people watcher led her to take on more research-focused roles, where she can focus on the “why.” She fuels her passion for online qualitative research as a Director of Research Services for Recollective, Sales Consultant for GreenBook and Advisor for Prior to joining Recollective, Kerry worked for Dub, Added-Value, Burke and Hall and Partners.

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