New Grid Task type, moderator tools and Flexi-start - the November release is here!

Written by Steve Thompson • Posted on November 28, 2014
We've been working on the latest update to Recollective for a little while now and are very excited to announce it's release. Those of you with active sites may already have seen the new functionality in Recollective, but here's a quick overview. More details will also be posted on each upgrade or call us to schedule a top-up training session.
  1. New Grid task type
  2. Enhanced task moderation features (edit, delete and reject individual responses)
  3. Flexible start dates and new site subscription area

Grid Task Type

This quant-style task has been requested a lot and we're really pleased to release it. The task type is available in Standard or Journal activities and allows you to program a task with multiple customized rows and columns. You can choose how many columns to display and their headings, add as many rows as you wish, randomize everything and capture additional text commentary. Grid-Response_animated2 Column and row labels even support richly formatted text and images, giving you incredible scope to build the perfect multi-part task. Learn more about the Grid task type

Task-Moderation_MenuEnhanced Task Moderation

We're sure this new feature will quickly make it into your most-loved category. Recollective now enables you to delete, edit or reject responses to specific Tasks in any Activity. So if you find a participant has over-shared, underwhelmed or submitted an inappropriate Task response, you can quickly edit it yourself, delete or send it back to be redone. Learn more about Enhanced Task Moderation

Flexi-start Dates

Recollective Subscription (Site Admin) - Google DocsThere's always a degree of uncertainty in any new research project, particularly when it comes to the launch date. Complexity in recruiting, final approval from end clients and last minute changes can all lead to a delay. With all that going on, the last thing you need is to worry about the technology. Recollective now lets you change the Participant start date right up to the last second before go-live, giving you full control of when the license for your Recollective study begins. No more paperwork, frantic calls or worry - just login to your Site Administration and make the change in the new Site Subscription area. All these features come as standard in Recollective Professional. We hope you enjoy using them! Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Ramius.

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