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Written by Philippe Dame • Posted on June 14, 2015
All Recollective customers are now running the updated interface we announced on April 15th. This new look is a dramatic, and yet completely natural, evolution of the Recollective experience. We've received fantastic feedback to date and continue to incorporate everyone's input. The entire platform was born out of real needs in the field and this hasn't changed. We also have a lot more in store for the second half of 2015. Visit now to view a new screenshot tour that walks you through the platform's features through the eyes of our fictitious travel business, "Rail Canada". What you'll notice is a simpler, clutter-free design that lets your brand, content and people truly stand out. Our goal is to make the design elegant while ultimately unnoticed. If you're thinking about it, we haven't done our jobs. It should anticipate your needs, prevent common mistakes and simply get out of your way. Recollective Site LoginImproved branding means you can consistently convey the look and feel of your agency or client brand, right down to a theme colour that pervades the site. Everything blue in our sample screenshots can be equally green, orange or hot pink (you can customize it per study).Recollective - Manage Studies The unique strengths of Recollective have not changed. You a get a single site that can host unlimited studies for one all-inclusive price. All we need to know is the number of participants you'll have active in open studies. In each study you can screen participants, schedule activities, drive discussions, excerpt verbatims, run reports, generate transcripts and more. All this can be done on your own or with assistance. Stream Most of our customers have upgraded from short-term qualitative projects to an on-going site subscription that support multiple projects and insight communities. The year-long value is tremendous as it only takes minutes to launch the next study and you can build it off any archived study from the past.

Tablets and Smartphones

When we updated the design, we didn't forget about tablets and smartphones. Our responsive design has gotten better in every way. Never has there been such a complete and uncompromising mobile experience for analysts, moderators, clients and participants.
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Interface Tour

We prepared a video for our customers that I've included below as it serves to introduce some important aspects of the new interface along with some of the goals for the redesign.

Learn More

If you'd like to get a live demonstration, please contact us. If you're attending IIeX next week (June 15-17, 2015), come and see us in person. Tweet us @GetRecollective to locate us on the conference floor. tylerlogo_na

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