Best Practices for Creating a Safe and Comfortable Online Research Environment

Written by Laura Pulito • Posted on September 22, 2022
Best Practices

Online qualitative research comes with a variety of benefits when compared to traditional approaches - most notably, the flexibility, speed and cost savings that they provide. Above and beyond that there are a lot of additional advantages that tend to be overlooked by researchers since they are dependent on the technology platform chosen, the functionality that it provides and how the study is designed.

A significant element that researchers should consider when designing their study is the environment which online research can create and how it can be leveraged to encourage participants to open up more freely ultimately sharing greater insight into a wide variety of topics; including those sensitive in nature.

As part of our Best Practices series, Laura Pulito, VP of Research Services, shares her experience when it comes to creating a safe and comfortable online research environment for participants and the role it plays in executing a successful online research community.

In this short, ~25 minute webinar, she outlines 5 steps to consider when designing an online qualitative study in order to build trust with your participants and create a safe space to share using Recollective’s innovative technology.

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