The standard for online qualitative research platforms

Recollective makes it easy for researchers to conduct online qualitative research anywhere in the world. With a comprehensive suite of features for qual and quant data gathering, moderation and analysis, you can be online and in-field within a day.

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How it works

One platform, everything you need

Tailor Your Research

Tailor your research

Craft your research to address different segments of participants using asynchronous activities or discussions, real-time chat and live video interviews. Define sequences, logic conditions and connect to other research tools.

Gather Insights

Gather insights

Combine qualitative responses using open-ended text, photo and video uploads, image and video markup with quantitative data from card sorting and ranking tasks, fill the blanks with scale and allocation questions, single or multiple choice polls, grids and more.

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Moderate and Socialize

Moderate and socialize

Socialize responses to any activities. Ask open or private probing questions on the responses received and use @mentions to encourage deeper group discussion. Adapt by adding new activities at any time as your research unfolds.

Manage Participants

Manage participants

Easily measure and report on community health and activity progress to simplify participant management. Track participation and completion rates, automate follow-up notifications or quickly follow up manually. Identify who needs to be rewarded with out-of-the-box reports.

Analyze & Report

Analyze and report

Filter data by activity, segments or person. Review response streams, charts and data tables or drill into word clouds to quickly spot key themes. Collaborate to save and code important excerpts. Auto-create video transcripts and highlight clips. Download curated content and key information instantly with the click of a button.

Go Mobile & Global

Go mobile and global

Sleek, optimized experience for users on any mobile device with no app download required. Supports over 25 languages for both participant and moderator. Data hosting options in USA, Canada, EU, Korea and Australia, plus private and enhanced security setup available.

Other features

  • Custom branding
  • GDPR and other privacy regulation compliance
  • Discussion boards with @mentioning
  • Interactive word clouds for text analysis
  • Built-in screening including video questions
  • Live video IDIs
  • Client backroom collaboration
  • Gamify with custom points, levels and badges

Everything you need to be successful

Modular components

Activities, tasks, discussions and other content item types are provided as modules to mix-and-match as needed. Bring your offline methodology online or evolve your online experience.

Security and scalability

As a cloud-based platform, a new Recollective site can be securely launched globally within hours and then scaled to support thousands of participants in multiple studies.

Guides and help

Built-in step-by-step setup guides, help articles with informative videos and premium live chat and phone support is available inside the platform for access to instant customer support.

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