Research services

Whether you are looking to run your own DIY community, or need someone to help, Recollective's Research Services team can provide a variety of resources and guidance to support you along the way.

Research Services

Research support options

The following resources are available to help ensure your community's success.

Research Services Best Practices Consultation

Best practices & consultation

Our team of in-house experts provide guidance on how to successfully set up and manage your research project or community. So whether you're new to online qualitative research, want to bring your research needs in-house or are simply looking to expand the type of research you offer, book a consultation to get started the best way possible.

Research Services Do It Together


Interested in connecting with a target audience through an ongoing research community, but not sure how to get started? Let's "Do-It-Together" to ensure you have all of the technology and service support you need while still retaining a hand in the research.

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Research Services Recruiting


Leverage our network of trusted, global partners to find your project's target audience. Our partners will review your screener, provide suggestions to optimize the recruit for online community participation and source respondents based on your project's needs (including your own database if desired).

Research Services Activity Library

Activity library

Need inspiration when designing your online research? Customers can explore Recollective's Activity Library for free to see examples of different activity setup, task types and discussions before creating your own Activity Guide.

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Research Services Certification


Whether you're an experienced online researcher familiar with Recollective or brand new to the industry, becoming certified is a great way to discover the vast depth of functionality in the Recollective platform and unlock new ways to use it for innovative research.

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Research Services Thought Leadership

Thought leadership

Want to learn more? Recollective provides an extensive, ever-expanding and free collection of training materials to read, thought-leading webinars to watch, plus countless articles and case studies geared towards online research best practices.

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Research Services Additional Support

Additional support

We realize that at times your project may benefit from additional support when it comes to design, management, moderation, analysis, reporting and translations. Our global teams can jump in whenever you need an extra set of hands along the way.

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