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Discover why more and more client-side organizations choose to bring Recollective in-house as their preferred research platform.

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Be truly customer-centric

To best understand and serve your customer needs, quick and frequent insights are now critically important. Recollective's online platform and services can help you get them (and keep within budget).

Research shouldn't be throwaway

Every project completed or customer engaged unlocks more insights for your business. Retain them for instant access any time, anywhere.

Deepen customer relationships

Building an always-on community allows you to strengthen and form deeper relationships with customers, employees and stakeholders.

Share management roles

In-house doesn't necessarily mean doing it alone. Securely invite trusted partners to support any part of your online research program.

Draw your own conclusions

Nobody else understands your business as well as your own team. That's why many organizations opt to save time and money by conducting their own analysis work using Recollective.

Improve research speed

Move rapidly at the pace your business needs. Get quick answers to make meaningful decisions with a community of engaged participants.

Reduce costs of field research

While the upfront investment may exceed a one-time project, when spread across many projects, the cost to build and maintain an in-house research community can significantly lower the price per project.

Pick the services you need

Recollective understands the pressure on in-house research teams to deliver to accelerated timelines and reduce costs, all while delivering quality research that meets increasingly stringent privacy standards. Working together, we offer:

  • Branded research platform suitable for a wide range of research needs
  • Research services to complement your in-house capabilities
  • Expertise across a range of online methodologies
  • Access to a global network of professional research partners

Hear what enterprises have to say about us

"Recollective have made what appeared to be the impossible, easy. Their platform has transformed the way we work, bringing us closer to our customers as well as closer to our colleagues."

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Rob H.

Cambridge University Press

"The platform is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. Truly, a dummy could maneuver through the site. At the same time, it's attractive and allows for great customization… Recollective exceeded our expectations with their capabilities."

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Verified Reviewer

(Source: Capterra)

4.7 / 556 reviews

Transform your online research service

DIY Path

Core support

Bring your own participants and moderator. We provide the software and technical support to facilitate an engaging research project, including programming and training to rapidly get you in the field.

Extended Services

Extended services

Keep any part of the process in-house and outsource the rest to one of our trusted partners who can handle the recruiting, incentives, moderation or analysis work.

Aligned Licenses

Licenses aligned to your business

Choose from always-on communities, project-based licenses or a multi-project annual subscription. Recollective pricing models are tailored to your specific business needs.

Learn how Experian transformed their research community using Recollective

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In 2017, Experian migrated their long-running voicesHUB online community onto Recollective and used its broader set of qualitative and quantitative functionality to facilitate more engaging and informative research.

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