Webinar: Less can be More - How you can use Agile Research to Rapidly Meet Your Goals

Written by Laura Pulito • Posted on July 16, 2020
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Everyone has heard the research adage “You can have it good, fast, or cheap – pick two” but no one wants to settle for just two.

As researchers, we know that things have to get done quickly, cost-effectively and with targeted accuracy. That’s where agile research comes into play – you can get all three!

When Michaels came to Recollective looking to get their project recruited, fielded and results in under a week – we partnered up to take on that challenge.

Earlier today, we held a webinar session to talk through the specifics of this case study which was originally presented as part of Insight Platform’s Agile Summit.

If you missed the presentation or would like to watch it again, we provided a copy of the video below so you can learn more about how Michaels was able to accomplish their goals, how their experience changed the organization’s approach to research and how you can apply the same principles and tools to your own research projects using Recollective.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about how to make your Recollective study more agile.

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