Recollective Introduces Holographic Research

Written by Steve Thompson • Posted on April 1, 2013
Well we promised there was something huge coming and we're delighted to announce today that Ramius is launching Recollective HIP, the world's first Holographic Insights Platform. "It's the result of some incredible thinking by our engineers and product designers," said Alfred Jay, CEO and President of Ramius Corporation. "With Recollective HIP, we're truly pushing the boundary of what is possible with online research. The combined hardware and software innovation in this release is breathtaking." Recollective HIP is a new task type in the existing Recollective platform. It works by utilizing a small device that is plugged into the base of any smartphone, or the USB port of a computer. Just like something out of Star Wars, this device projects a 3D holographic video image that participants can manipulate through a range of "Kinect-style" gestures and movements. The result is a truly immersive research environment that offers limitless opportunities for gathering insights. "Imagine providing a research group with a holographic conceptual design of a new product or packaging," said Philippe Dame, Chief Operating Officer at Ramius. "Now imagine each person can handle it, really get a sense of it in three dimensions and give immediate feedback. That's so powerful, I can't wait to see what our customers do with this technology." Ramius has already signed up several early customers to try Recollective HIP and will be publishing the results of those studies in the coming month. After that, the new task type will be available for commercial use in May 2013. For more information, contact Ramius sales on 1-888-APRILFOOL

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