Real-Time Web-Based Notifications

Written by Philippe Dame • Posted on June 30, 2014
Our last major release of Recollective included many great features like Gamification and support for Simplified Chinese. This meant that a couple secondary additions probably went unnoticed. notifications One of those important additions was an update to Notifications that included:
  • Centralized area for new and past notifications
  • Real-time notifications while online
  • Email digest for unread notifications with flexible scheduling options
  • Improved highlighting of items "Awaiting Reply"

Centralized Notifications

Making sure your participants are kept informed of important notices is vitally important in any community. Recollective previously achieved this with a series of email notifications that worked well enough, but participants could sometimes receive many emails per day. A new Notifications section now appears in the right-hand Control Panel for both participants and administrators. This new section provides a concise list of notifications (both new and historical) so everyone can review important changes in the study without relying on email. This is critical for those joining a study anonymously. Notifications - Control Panel

Real-Time Notifications

While online, end users will see new notices appear in real-time. They are animated to grab your attention and will therefore slide in from the bottom-left corner of the screen as shown below. These notices can be clicked on to jump directly to the relevant area being referenced. real-time-notice-activity

Email Digest of Notifications

Email delivery of notifications is still important to maximize engagement and activity completion rates but now there is a consolidated email digest of notifications that only summarizes unread notices and it does so in a single email. Admins and participants can choose the frequency at which they receive these digests from immediately, to hourly, to multiple times per day or weekly. Admins can set a default preference, hide unwanted options, and reset everyone to a new default preference. Email Preferences

Improved Highlighting of Items "Awaiting Reply"

Comments on tasks and private messages can be designated as Awaiting Reply and those will now sit above all other notifications in the list or email digest until a reply is received. These notices even appear in the Control Panel before the Notifications area is selected. It's now impossible for participants to miss your valuable follow-up questions! Notification-Awaiting-Reply

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