New Image Review Zoom

Written by Philippe Dame • Posted on March 17, 2015
image-review-zoom2 Recollective is centred on an activity-based approach of guiding participants through tasks that can gather a rich set of multimedia responses. The task types supported by Recollective are akin to the question types of a survey, except that the focus is more qualitative in nature, interactive and ultimately social. One of Recollective’s most popular task types is “Image Review”. It lets you upload an image and define up to three types of markers that participants can drag onto the image. Each placed marker can be accompanied by an annotation that answers a custom follow-up question like, "Why do you like this part of the image?". You can also collect a rating for the image and additional commentary. We recently updated the Image Review task type to support very large and highly detailed images by allowing participants to quickly zoom in and out as needed. ImageReview_Response The new zooming capability also greatly improves usability on smaller tablets and phones as it ensures even the smallest details can be examined. Support for extra large images also opens up new uses, such as precise pinning of locations on a detailed map. Map-Review Note that participants can double-click (or double-tap) on an image to zoom in to a specific location. They can then double click to zoom back out.

Task Setup

During the setup of an Image Review task, you will notice a new option that permits you to control the initial zoom state. Your large image can either start zoomed out (i.e. fit to the screen) or it can start zoomed in (i.e. show actual pixels / 100% zoom). In both cases, the participant will still be able to quickly change the zoom while providing their response.

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