Upcoming: The MRIA's 2012 Qualitative Research Division Conference

Written by Simon Chen â€¢ Posted on February 21, 2012
This Friday, February 24th, I am looking forward to traveling to Toronto to attend the MRIA's annual QRD (Qualitative Research Division) event: ". . . a full day conference about all things qualitative with speakers, breakout sessions and opportunities for networking." I note that the event will take place at the Ontario Science Centre, a museum I last visited during my high school years. I hope the organizers will treat us to a Van de Graaff generator demonstration! I remember enjoying my museum visits because many of the exhibits were live and interactive, which made it an entertaining way to discover and learn new concepts. I am hoping that the QRD Conference, with its tagline -- "learn, explore, expand" -- will be just as valuable. With Ramius' latest offering -- Recollective -- being (continuously) designed with the help of qualitative researchers, I hope to discover and learn new methods and techniques that I can share with the team. And, coming from a background in social software for online communities, collaboration and innovation, I hope I can contribute some new ideas to the qualitative research community's discussions on new MR technologies. Conferences are always about the great people that speak and attend. As a new MRIA member, I hope to have the opportunity to meet and learn from others. I spotted a couple of friends to Ramius on the speaker list: Dr. Sam Ladner of Copernicus Consulting and Gen Lamorie-Wallace of Phase 5 Consulting. Sam's presentation is entitled Truth, Lies and Ethnography while Gen will discuss Lessons Learned when adapting technology platforms for qualitative research. Please consider checking back to this blog next week -- I plan to recap what Sam, Gen and others will be presenting on. Hope to see you at #QRD2012 !

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