Fireside Chat: 2022 GRIT Report Q&A with Leonard Murphy of GreenBook

Written by Dana Cassady • Posted on February 18, 2022
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This week, we were joined by Lenny Murphy of Gen2 Advisors and GreenBook to discuss the latest findings from the GRIT Report. During this fireside chat, Lenny walked us through key highlights from the report and touched on some qualitative trends to keep our eyes on moving forward.

Below you’ll find a few takeaways that emerged during the discussion, along with a recording to watch on your own time.

Key Takeaways for Qualitative Research Trends

  1. Online qualitative is here to stay! We continue to see a shift in this technology trend from the “early adopter” phase to an “early majority” with more companies and clients realizing the benefits and efficiencies that an online qualitative approach has to offer.
  2. Online qual is no longer seen as an in-person replacement. Instead, companies are intentionally leveraging online qualitative to expand the way they conduct research and are embracing a hybridization of in-person/ online to solve pressing business issues.
  3. The main question moving forward is no longer “why online qual?” but “what now?”, and technology companies are helping to shape what that future could look like by innovating their software in support of where online research can go next.

Check out the full discussion for even more details, insights and nuance!

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