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Written by Sarah de Montigny • Posted on June 30, 2020
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Recollective's Certification program was created to enable professionals to go beyond the standard training and develop advanced product knowledge.

With three different tracks, Expert, Moderator, & Recruiter, there is a Certification option for any research industry professional who wants to advance their Recollective knowledge and skills.

Earlier this week we hosted a webinar introducing the program. As part of the session, we included a Q&A to address any additional questions from the audience. There was some great feedback and wanted to follow up with a list of frequently asked questions to provide clarity around the Recollective Certification program.

Who is the Certification program designed for?

Whether you're a current Recollective user or new to the platform, you can benefit from going through the Certification program. There are three different tracks and each builds on the Recollective knowledge base and training materials. Completing a track will provide you with practical examples and use cases on how to best leverage the platform's tools and functionality and use them to their full potential.

What are the program requirements?

Although there are no hard pre-requisites for Certification, a solid background in qualitative research is essential and a familiarity with online qualitative tools is preferred. The Certification modules cover introductory training sessions for anyone unfamiliar with Recollective.

How long does Certification take to complete?

Each Certification track has its own requirements and varies in how long it will take to complete. The time required will also vary by participant based on background knowledge and exposure to the platform - it will likely take more time for members with little pre-existing knowledge and experience using Recollective and less time for more seasoned customers.

Certification is also a self-paced process, so some may want to complete it within a few days, whereas others may do it over the course of a few months. Either way, we want to accommodate everyone's schedule.

Here is our recommendation to get the most out of the program:

  • Expert: Complete the program over the course of 2 weeks
  • Moderator: Complete the program over the course of 1-2 weeks
  • Recruiter: Complete the program over the course of 1 week

Regardless of which track you take, all participants get three months from the day they start to complete all requirements and become Certified. Note you do need to re-certify each year because the platform is constantly evolving.

Why should I become Certified? What are the benefits of going through the program?

Certification is a great way to enhance your knowledge of the platform - it will help you to learn and retain a deeper understanding of the technology and get exposure to new features that you may not have used before. In addition, it can help you to:

  • Maximize return on your technology investment
  • Reduce programming time and get your studies into field fast
  • Empower you to use the technology in new ways and develop more complex research guides
  • Increase response rates and engagement through improved participant management
  • Achieve faster and more compelling insights through efficient analysis and reporting

Does Certification apply to the whole organization or just the participant?

Certification is on an individual level, so being certified applies to the individual member who has taken and passed the certification program. You can leverage that individual when writing proposals to end clients to indicate that you have a team or team member who is Recollective Certified.

Group discounts are available if multiple people within your organization want to become certified. Please contact our sales team to learn more!

In the Expert Certification, do I have to write the discussion guide for the assessment?

No, we will provide you with a discussion guide for programming. The guide is written specifically for this Certification program to ensure you get to practice and feedback using all features within the platform.

Can you tell me a little more about the Final Exam? How long does it take?

The final exam is a series of multiple-choice questions and the length is specific to the track that you choose. Experts and Moderators have a 50 question exam while Recruiters have a 25 question exam.

In total, we expect the exam to take no more than an hour to complete. The Certification program provides quizzes throughout the content to prepare you for the exam and ensure you feel confident before the final evaluation.

Is it possible to take the recruiter or moderator track and later upgrade to Expert?

The tracks are not designed to be taken piecemeal. Because re-certification is required each year, we would recommend that anyone who wants to upgrade to Expert do so when they need to renew their certification.

What exactly is covered in the re-certification? Do I have to take the whole program again?

Recollective is an evolving platform with new features released every month. Consequently, we want to ensure that all Certified researchers stay up to date on the technology. Re-certification is the way we ensure that happens.

Rather than go through the whole course again, re-certification focuses on providing in-depth knowledge of the new features and updates that have been made over the course of the year.

How much does it cost?

Here are the costs for the three Certification tracks:

  • Certified Recollective Expert costs $1500 USD per researcher
  • Certified Recollective Moderator costs $1000 USD per moderator
  • Certified Recollective Recruiter costs $500 USD per recruiter
  • Re-Certification: Expert & Moderator is $500 USD / Recruiter is $250 USD

We have special rate of $500 USD for students enrolled in a formal course at a higher educational institution.

A discount of 50% is available to independent researchers and researchers employed on a full time basis at a not-for-profit organization.

Please contact our Sales Team for more information and to inquire about group discounts and other current promotions.

Is Certification available in any other languages?

Recollective Certification is currently only available in English.

How can I find out more information or sign up for the program?

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