Announcement: Recollective Task Type Library

Written by Sarah de Montigny • Posted on April 20, 2020
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As a researcher, it can feel overwhelming when you're using a new tool or method for the first time. Whether you're transitioning your in-person research to an online format or want to leverage the benefits that online communities have to offer - creating an activity guide for the first time can be a challenge.

There are so many avenues to take, it can be difficult to know how to setup your project to optimize results. Even if you have used Recollective or have done online research in the past, there might be times when you need inspiration or want to try something different. That's why we created our new Recollective Activity Library!

The Activity Library is a space where researchers can explore how to leverage Recollective for different types of research. In our first release, the Activity Library will focus specifically on Tasks, covering each of the following 13 types through use case examples.

  • Text - Question and Answer
  • Fill the Blank
  • Photo Upload
  • Video Upload
  • Screen Recording
  • Multimedia - a combination of tasks
  • Poll
  • Image Review
  • Video Review
  • Prompt
  • Sort and Rank
  • Grid
  • File Upload
Announcement Activy Library Activities Task Types

The Task Type Library will be comprised of multiple Activities, each geared to a single task type to help provide inspiration. Inside each Activity are videos explaining the purpose and advantage of using that specific task type, plus illustrations and examples to give you some inspiration.

The Library encourages you, as a researcher, to explore different designs, become familiar with the platform and leverage Recollective's capabilities to expand the way you design your studies.

Starting today, the Activity Library will officially be available for client-access. If you are interested in gaining access, please contact your sales representative so that we can set you up with an account. Once you're set up, you will be able to view the Task Type Library, read through the Activities at your own pace and Preview the Tasks.

This Activity Library is the first release in a series of helpful resources we're introducing for Recollective customers! Stay tuned to the blog for our next release which will focus on research specific Activities and Discussions.

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