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Written by Laura Pulito • Posted on August 25, 2021
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Ready to connect with your customers in an ongoing and meaningful way but aren't sure how to get started? Overwhelmed by the thought of venturing into this initiative alone but the high cost of a full-service solution just doesn't fit your budget? If so, we've got the perfect solution for you!

Recollective is thrilled to announce our new Do-It-Together (DIT) packages for long-term and always-on insight communities. These packages are designed to help ensure your ongoing research community is a success by providing all the technology and service support you need.

Benefits of Do-It-Together Communities

We've designed these unique packages to bridge the gap between DIY and full-service options. By doing it together, you can expect:

  • Customized Support: You can lean on industry experts to start your community in the best way possible. We'll provide guidance and expertise to help avoid common pitfalls that can arise when creating a long-term community.
  • Strategic Collaboration: We do it with you! You'll receive generous planning, operation and analysis support whilst retaining control of your research.
  • Flexibility: These DIT packages are designed to help you learn the nuances of running a successful community and have the opportunity to transition to less support or a full DIY approach should you choose.

What can you expect?

With any of our Do-It-Together packages, you'll receive ongoing expert knowledge and support. We'll work with you on many different aspects of your long-term community including:

  • Recruiting: Kick things off right by recruiting the right members.
  • Consultation & Setup: We'll discuss your research objectives and guide you through thoughtful planning and research design.
  • Community Management: We focus on participant experience by managing and monitoring your community on an ongoing basis.
  • Research Activities: We'll provide suggestions on how to improve your activities to optimize engagement.
  • Reporting: Industry experts will consolidate responses in an easy-to-read format and highlight key trends emerging. We'll also keep a pulse on member participation with quarterly health reports.
  • Incentive Management: Leave it to us to do the heavy lifting for community incentives. We'll track points and provide payout to members when required.
  • And much more.

Do-It-Together Partner Network

For the initial launch of these packages, we've partnered with Echo Market Research to provide research services for the North American market. And this is just the starting point! We will continue to collaborate with partners around the world to expand our market coverage and build a network that spans all major regions.

Regardless of location, we are able to provide customized options to meet the needs of your long-term community research project.

Recollective is excited to partner with Echo MR to offer clients a full array of external research services that allow them to deploy Recollective on a turnkey and, if desired, fully managed basis. Whether in need of recruiting services, ongoing moderation, incentive management, or anything in between, our clients have the option to work with a trusted partner on all aspects of their studies.

Alfred Jay

CEO, Recollective

These long-term community management packages are an exciting extension of our ever-growing services and support offering at Recollective.

Feel free to reach out to our team with any initial questions or explore our Managed Solutions for more details!

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