Recollective Success Services

The ideal solution to help take your research to the next level

Are you new to running online qualitative research, looking to bring your research needs in house, or simply looking to expand the types of research you can offer to your clients?

If so, our Success Services package is the ideal solution to help take your research to the next level. The Success Services package includes additional support and guidance, provided

by our team of in-house research experts, to enable you to get the most out of your study and ensure its success.

Who Should Use Recollective’s Success Services?

The Success Services package is the perfect solution for:


  • Looking to consolidate research needs in-house

  • Interested in running an on-going customer or insight community

  • Exploring DIY qualitative solutions but need additional support & guidance

Agencies and Independent Moderators

  • New to running online qualitative studies, are new to Recollective or are looking to run an on-going insight community for the first time

  • Looking for new approaches to expand research offerings to clients

  • Interested in unique or creative ways to leverage Recollective’s technology

Educators and Universities

  • Interested in a program to enhance curriculum and student experience

  • Looking for an option to consolidate, streamline and support academic research

  • Hoping to inspire collaboration, create a dialog and gain campus wide feedback

Success Services Package

There are a variety of ways that Recollective can be leveraged to best meet your objectives. Our team is here to guide you through that process.

The Success Services package costs $2,000 USD (2020) and bridges the gap between DIY and full service to meet your custom needs. Use in conjunction with our standard support and QuickStart packages to ensure your projects’ overall success.

Project Kick Off Call

We confirm roles, responsibilities, deadlines and deliverables. We’ll discuss the overall objectives of the research, work with you to develop an approach and recommend next steps.

Working Sessions

Periodic team meetings to touch base over the course of the field.

Project Management

The PM will be your day-to-day point contact at Recollective, responsible for handling logistics and coordination between partners and your team.

Partner Coordinator

Advice choosing additional resources to support your project including recruiters, moderators, translators, etc.


Guidance on how to successfully set up and manage your research project or community.

Best Practices

We will provide best practice suggestions to streamline development and ensure the success of your project.

Screener Assessment

We’ll review your screener and provide suggestions to optimize the recruit for online community participation.

Content and Guide Assessment

We’ll review your guide to ensure that questioning is optimized for engagement and insight generation.


Recollective Success Services

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