Customer Feedback
Industry Study Topic
Consumer Products A global manufacturer of cleaning products and devices engaged a focused group of 20 participants for three weeks on Recollective to evaluate floor cleaning products. Each participant was sent samples of products to test and compare performance. They were set a variety of tasks, fully utilizing the rich media response types available in Recollective including photo, video capture, image reviews and card sorts. The study benefitted from a perfect 100% participation rate, with activities completed each day delivering a very detailed set of multimedia data for the researchers and end client.
Financial Services This global information provider wanted to gather feedback to shape the future of one of their online services, including training, support and features/functions. They engaged 50 people for a month using Recollective using simple text and poll tasks. Segmentation was used very effectively to control task visibility and Recollective's unique inline excerpting tools made it simple for the researchers and clients to analyze and extract key findings from the large volume of content produced in this study.
High Tech A manufacturer of an updated TV hardware product wanted to engage customers who had participated in a similar study in 2012 and ask them to compare the new product to the older version to provide feedback. Recollective was used to explore differences in the products, but rather than evaluate a physical product, researchers presented participants with a series of images of the new TV interface. Image reviews tasks were used to test participants ability to navigate the various wireframes, followed by an evaluation of a conceptual mobile app. The study concluded with a discussion of the available features and the relative importance associated with each.
Food & Beverage This snack bar manufacturer wanted to gather feedback from prospective consumers of meal replacement bars and other supplements. The research was particularly focused on a new type of meal replacement bar. As a key component of the research, participants were sent samples to evaluate. Recollective was used to capture their feedback online using daily journals and activities with text, photo, videos (webcam capture) and poll tasks. Topics explored included general attitudes towards meals and meal replacements, experience with the samples and shopping habits.