Concept Testing
Industry Study Topic
Telecommunications A European telecommunications provider wanted to evaluate a series of potential new broadband and cell phone price bundle packages. The three week study fully engaged 50 participants to evaluate and provide feedback on combinations of package features and prices and to discuss general preferences and attitudes towards phone and internet providers. Researchers used a combination of text, photos, image review, polls and card sort tasks to gather a rich variety of responses and data.
Animals & Pets End client is a global retailer of animal and pet food. The first stage of this research was to test a series of concept images for dog food packaging and to understand how the concepts compare to current offerings within the market. The second stage then evaluate those new packaging designs and the verbiage on them. The study made extensive use of multimedia responses, including image review, card sort, photo uploads and video capture.
Food & Beverage A national US chain of grocery stores needed to better understand customers' needs and desires for online shopping tools, specifically the participants' experience when planning and conducting a shopping trip including your use or non-use of digital tools. Participants were asked about the end client's website and mobile app and digital coupons. The study then tested concepts, branding and designs of various apps to improve customer experience.
Services End client provides professional advice and services to growing businesses in Canada. They wanted to evaluate new ideas for service and information packages provided through a new section of their website. Business customers were asked to evaluate a sequence of designs for presenting information and asked to give feedback through a combination of image markup tasks, card sorts, text and polls in three stages lasting around a week each.