Online qualitative research software

Trusted by 500+ organizations worldwide, Recollective is the most customizable, scalable and user-friendly qualitative research platform on the market.

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Launch standard, journal and real-time activities
Each activity is a unique sequence of tasks
View summary feeds, interactive word clouds, media galleries and customizable charts
Explore concepts with Image and Video Review tasks
Drive engagement with open or segmented discussions

A complete research platform

Recollective is an industry-leading research tool for developing robust insights communities and conducting online research studies of any duration and size.

Available on mobile and desktop in 19 languages, Recollective makes it easy to conduct custom qualitative research for any duration or project size, anywhere in the world.

Design engaging studies using a combination of activities, journals, real-time chat rooms and discussion forums. Create an unlimited number of activities including open text, media uploads, image and video markup, card sorting, fill the blanks, quick polls, grids and more.

Recruit from anywhere
Bulk import from spreadsheets, invite by email or embed a registration link anywhere online. Integrate with any panel or customer database.


Built-in Screening
Program and host screening questions and balance against custom quotas with the Inflows tool.
The research engine
A suite of qual and quant tools are included to build activity-based studies that engage participants in insights communities.

Research Design

Flexible research design
Unlimited segments and advanced programming make it easy to create online diaries, ethnographic and mobile studies, concept testing and more.
Engage and follow-up
Ask open or private probing questions to dive deeper. Launch new activities as needed. Use mentions and email broadcasts to drive engagement.


Customizable points, levels and badges to recognize and reward valued contributors with leaderboards to stimulate friendly competition.
Browse and save insights
Review activity streams, search word clouds, browse media galleries and then save and codify insightful excerpts.

Analysis & Reporting

Rich reports & transcripts
Track participation, completion rates, and leaderboards. Export complete, media-rich reports and transcripts.

Everything you need to be successful

Modular Components

Activities, tasks, discussions and other content item types are provided as modules to mix-and-match as needed. Bring your offline methodology online or evolve your online experience.

Rapid, Secure & Scalable

As a cloud-based platform, a new Recollective site can be securely launched globally within hours and then scaled to support thousands of participants in multiple studies.

Service & Support

Our amazing implementation specialists will provide personalized guidance across your entire project lifecycle. Ask about our Quick Start service for programming assistance.

Simple and comprehensive pricing

Project Pricing

Starting at $500 for a 3-day study with 10 participants, project pricing includes additional time for setup, analysis and data exports. Build your client proposals with confidence.

Annual License

Upgrade to an annual license and instantly launch new studies without time constraints. Retain full access to all your past studies and panelist profiles.

Inclusive Pricing

Pricing is based on the number of unique participants in active studies and the duration of their access. Unlimited activities, segments, admins and email.

Rich in features and applications

All the components needed to make your online research study or insight community a success.

  • Activity-Based Workflow
  • Screening and Balancing
  • Multimedia Support
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Fully Brandable
  • Mobile-Ready
  • Gamification
  • Backroom Collaboration
  • Social / Community
  • Flexible Duration
  • True Multilingual Support
  • Professional Support

Here are just a few of the most common uses of Recollective

  • Concept Testing
  • Behavioural Studies
  • Co-creation and Ideation
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Customer Feedback
  • Advisory & Consultation
  • Ethnography