Innovative, online live video research

Eliminate the complexity. Recollective makes it simple to set up and conduct live video research online. Run both In Depth Interviews (IDIs) and Group Video Chat research, combine live sessions with asynchronous homework activities and journals, schedule and manage participants and export your own custom highlight reels - all in a single, intuitive platform.

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Less complexity. More research.

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Conduct In Depth Interviews (IDI)

Setting up and running your next IDIs couldn’t be easier. No extensions or complex technical setup required. From the moment a participant enters the meeting room with you, everything is automatically recorded by Recollective. Share prepared content or even share screens, in Recollective you can guide the conversation effortlessly.

Live Video Interviews
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Video Focus Groups

Whether you want to run dyads, triads, online focus groups or anything else, Recollective supports large groups of participants in a video chat session plus a backroom of engaged observers. Tiled screens automatically control how many videos are visible based on device and bandwidth to deliver an enhanced user experience.

Live Groups with Video
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Easy Scheduling

Eliminate the need for separate scheduling tools or complicated spreadsheets. Recollective has built-in functionality that enables researchers or your participants to schedule live IDI sessions with multiple researchers. Rescheduling, quick transfer into calendars, email alerts and more make it simple to coordinate live IDIs.

Scheduling Video IDIs
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Backroom Chat and Audio

Keep stakeholders involved and collaborating with moderators in-the-moment through a private Backroom supporting both text and audio. Make use of live translator audio channels to engage across multiple international audiences.

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Automatic Transcripts

From the moment both participants and researchers are in the meeting room, Recollective automatically records everything, recognises the language and creates a written transcript from the audio. Transcripts have time-stamped speaker identification, can be exported and highlighted to instantly create video clips.

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Create Beautiful Video Playlists

Highlight any part of the transcript to automatically create a video clip. Tag, combine and sort clips into exportable video playlists ("highlight reels") to distill key moments that efficiently distribute learning among busy stakeholders. All within Recollective and without resorting to complicated eternal video editing programs.

Additional Features

  • Mobile or Desktop interface
  • One-click technical system checks
  • Live Polls, prepared video, photo and text content to share in sessions
  • Live group or private text chat with @mentioning
  • Separate Translator audio can be exported
  • Auto-transcribe in dozens of languages
  • Interactive word clouds for text analysis
  • Email notifications

Live Only License Pricing

Uncomplicated project or annual packages

Project Licenses

The ultimate in flexibility. Get unlimited live video sessions and participants with no platform costs - pay only for the video minutes. Project sites can persist for up to 4 weeks.

Copper Package

If you consistently run live video projects, Recollective offers annual sites in which you can setup and launch live video projects at any time. By committing to an Copper-tier annual license, you’ll receive 3,000 live video minutes and a discounted rate for additional minutes.

Bronze Package

More active customers can choose the Bronze-tier annual license that includes 5,000 live video minutes and further discounts on additional minute rates.

Silver Package

Running a lot of video research? The Silver-tier includes 10,000 live video minutes and deep discounts on additional minute rates.

Gold Package

The ultimate live video package. The Gold-tier includes 20,000 live video minutes and maximum discounts on additional minute rates.

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