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Product Update: Site-Level Email Broadcast

Philippe Dame photo
Philippe Dame
Recollective's email broadcast capabilities have been expanded to include all or a filtered subset of panelists in a site, regardless of their study assignments.
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Recollective Co Creation Ideation Board Idea Bubble

How to: Create an Ideation Board using a Feedback Stage

Kendra Pruden photo
Kendra Pruden
Co-creation is a great way to inspire creativity and collaboration with target audiences in order to enhance existing ideas or develop new ones. Within Recollective's platform, there are a variety of tools that researchers can leverage to construct an ideation study through live sessions or asynchronous engagements.
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Product Update: Multiple Home Pages

Philippe Dame photo
Philippe Dame
Recollective now supports customizable home pages at the site-level. Multiple pages can also be defined with full control over who can access each page.
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Product Update: March 2021

Philippe Dame photo
Philippe Dame
Version 1.5.30 of Recollective includes major new features and numerous usability enhancements: Multiple Home Pages (site and studies), Site Administration Refresh, Animated GIF support, Admin Privacy Controls, Exclusive Poll Choices and much more.
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Qualitative Insights GRIT Report

Fireside Chat: Qualitative Research Insights from the Latest GRIT Report

Lenny Murphy photo
Lenny Murphy
The tumultuous events of 2020 forced significant changes to how research is conducted, especially the shift from in-person qualitative to online qualitative methodologies. In this fireside chat, Lenny Murphy of GreenBook goes beyond the GRIT Report to discuss implications for insights organizations on this profound shift to online qual.
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Insight Community Qual Research Blog Cover

What Type of Insight Community Is Right For You?

Laura Pulito photo
Laura Pulito
Insight Communities are a way of conducting online qualitative research with a targeted group of people over a specific duration. Depending on what you want to accomplish, communities can range from short-term, long-term or ongoing communities. The first step is to determine what type of community is the right approach for your business or client's needs.
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Recollective 2020 Product Update Cover

Recollective: 2020 In Review

Philippe Dame photo
Philippe Dame
Before we look ahead at 2021, it's time to recap all the great Recollective product improvements we shipped last year such as our new Live Activities.
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Recollective Pre Launch Check

Recollective Pre-Launch Check reviews are changing

Sam MacDonald photo
Sam MacDonald
As we enter into the new year, we've updated the process for our Pre-Launch Check reviews to better support your research needs and meet your dynamic study timelines. This thorough review helps to ensure your research study is ready for a successful launch using Recollective!
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Recollective Holiday Blog Post Cover v3

Happy Holidays in 2020 From Recollective

Steve Thompson photo
Steve Thompson
Thank you to all our customers, partners and friends for your support and business in 2020. It's certainly been a year that we will never forget!
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