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How To Video Focus Groups 1 Cover

How To: Video Focus Groups

Jared Nguyen photo
Jared Nguyen
Below you will find some tips, tricks and best practices to consider when running a live session using Recollective. Some of these may seem very obvious, but others could be something that you may overlook. Here are a few of the most common ones!
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Person using macbook pro 3986999

Webinar: Less can be more - How you can use Agile research to rapidly meet your goals

Laura Pulito photo
Laura Pulito
As researchers, we know that things have to get done quickly, cost-effectively and with targeted accuracy. That’s where agile research comes into play – you can get all three! When Michaels came to Recollective looking to get their project recruited, fielded and results in under a week – we partnered up to take on that challenge.
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Grittop50 2 2020

Recollective named to the GRIT Top 50

Steve Thompson photo
Steve Thompson
Recollective named one of the Top 50 Most Innovative Suppliers in the 2020 Greenbook GRIT Report. We also jumped to #16 in the top technology providers!
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Certification FAQ 1 Cover

Certification FAQ

Sarah de Montigny photo
Sarah de Montigny
Earlier this week we hosted a webinar introducing the program. As part of the session, we included a Q&A to address any additional questions from the audience. There was some great feedback and wanted to follow up with a list of frequently asked questions to provide clarity around the Recollective Certification program.
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Recollective Certification

Webinar: Recollective Certification

Sarah de Montigny photo
Sarah de Montigny
Whether you're an experienced online researcher familiar with Recollective or brand new to the industry, becoming Recollective Certified is a great way to discover the vast depth of functionality in the platform and unlock new ways to use it for innovative research.
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Spotlight Screen Recording 1 Cover

Spotlight: Screen Recording Task

Lara Aippersbach photo
Lara Aippersbach
One of the best ways to understand someone’s perspective is to follow along as they go through an experience - but that can pose a challenge for researchers! Recollective knew there had to be a better solution when it comes to understanding the exact process that people go through when completing a task online. Enter – the Screen Recording Task.
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Webinar Video Focus Groups

Webinar: Video Focus Groups

Jared Nguyen photo
Jared Nguyen
Today we discussed Recollective’s suite of synchronous in-the-moment video interview tools and how they can help optimize and streamline your workflow as a researcher.
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LGC Cover

Product Update: Live Group Chat with Video

Philippe Dame photo
Philippe Dame
Live Group Chats just got a lot more personal with live video. Schedule and record real-time video discussions with up to 25 participants while having your clients observe in a virtual backroom.
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How to Build and effectively use journal diary activities 1 Cover

How to: Build and effectively use journal / diary activities

Sam MacDonald photo
Sam MacDonald
While Standard Activities are great for capturing targeted feedback on a particular subject, Journal Activities provide the opportunity to gather perceptions and experiences over time, rather than in isolation. In this article, we will focus on the benefits of leveraging Journal Activities!
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