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Qual Recollective People looking at laptop

5 Tips and Tricks for Making Your First Online Qualitative Study a Success

Sophia Krystek photo
Sophia Krystek
Learn about our top research tips for making your next online qualitative study a success. From developing a thorough research guide to creating an engaging experience for participants, we breakdown our top 5 tips to kick-start your next qual project.
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Enterprise SSO Cover

Product Update: Enterprise Identity Providers

Philippe Dame photo
Philippe Dame
Recollective now integrates with multiple enterprise-grade identity providers including Okta, OpenID Connect and Google Workspace. Social integrations with Google and Facebook have also been greatly improved.
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Safety in Online Qual Research Laptop with Hands Typing

Safety and (dis)comfort in qualitative research

Dana Cassady photo
Dana Cassady
As researchers adapted their approaches to an online venue, we’ve observed a unique advantage that extends to another sort of safety, namely the safety offered by an online environment. Learn about our perspective on how online qual provides researchers with great versatility in creating a safe, comfortable environment that allows participants the freedom to share ideas and sentiments.
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Recollective How to Rating 5 Star Wooden Block Blog Cover

How to: Rating in Recollective

Lara Aippersbach photo
Lara Aippersbach
In this article, we’ll provide an overview of three different Task type options researchers have when setting up rating questions within Recollective. Learn about the Poll, Grid and Fill in the Blanks methods and what you can expect in terms of data outputs for your research analysis. We’ll provide considerations to help you decide which one would work best in different use case scenarios.
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Recollective Qualitative Image Review Task Type Cover

Mini Webinar - Zoomed In: Image Review

Lara Aippersbach photo
Lara Aippersbach
During this mini webinar, we take a deep dive into Recollective's Image Review to showcase 5 different ways to use this Task Type to make your online qualitative research more engaging. We'll also showcase how you can streamline your research analysis and make reports more visually engaging by customizing your data output all within the Recollective platform.
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Partnership Hands Long term insight communities

Announcement: Do-It-Together Communities

Laura Pulito photo
Laura Pulito
Recollective is excited to announce our Do-It-Together (DIT) community packages for long-term and always-on insight communities. These packages are designed to help ensure your long-term research community is a success by providing all the technology and service support you need.
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GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Companies 2021 Cover Image

Recollective named to GRIT 2021 Top 50 Most Innovative Companies

Steve Thompson photo
Steve Thompson
In the newly released Business & Innovation report, Recollective was named to the GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Companies List for 2021. This recognition highlights companies who are committed to innovation and strive to push the industry forward.
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2021 06 Recollective 1 5 32

Product Update: June 2021

Philippe Dame photo
Philippe Dame
This release includes many improvements to Live Activities, data summaries, transcripts and more.
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Questions and Answers Long Term Insight Communities

Q&A: Long-Term Communities Panel Discussion

Recollective photo
Learn more from our panel discussion on long-term insight communities as we follow-up with our answers to questions that were asked during the live session. Since these are questions we frequently get from our clients and customers on insight communities, we wanted to share our responses on a broader scale so everyone could benefit.
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