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How to Adapt Online Research to Support Low-tech Populations

Sam MacDonald photo
Sam MacDonald
One of our Implementation Specialists, Sam MacDonald, provides her top tips for curating online studies for low-tech populations through the use of Recollective's suite of customizable features.
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Fireside Chat: 2022 GRIT Report Q&A with Leonard Murphy of GreenBook

Dana Cassady photo
Dana Cassady
During this fireside chat, Lenny walked us through key highlights from the newest GRIT Report and touched on some qualitative trends to keep our eyes on moving forward.
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My Beginnings at Recollective

Tiana Nguyen photo
Tiana Nguyen
One of our Customer Support Specialists, Tiana Nguyen, talks about her experience as a new grad, and her #LifeatRecollective so far.
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Mini Session - Zoomed In: Sort and Rank

Lara Aippersbach photo
Lara Aippersbach
In this mini session, we'll take a deep dive into Recollective's Sort and Rank Task to showcase 5 different ways you can creatively use this Task Type across a variety of different research applications.
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Happy Holidays From Recollective

Steve Thompson photo
Steve Thompson
Wow! 2021 seems to have passed in the blink of an eye! Despite the never-ending COVID-19 related disruptions and unique challenges it has brought to many organizations in the research industry, we've had another year of huge growth at Recollective.
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Recollective Log4Shell Vulnerability Statement

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Philippe Dame
Recollective was not exposed to the Log4Shell / Log4j vulnerability. Learn about the actions taken to assess & mitigate risks from this threat.
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How to: Leverage Recollective for UX

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Lara Aippersbach
As part of our "How to" series,this article will cover four different Recollective Task Types that you can use to meet various User Experience (UX) Testing needs.
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Mini Session - Zoomed In: Video Review

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Lara Aippersbach
During this session, we take a deep dive into Recollective's Video Review to showcase 5 different ways you can use this Task Type to accomplish very different things.
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How to: Collaging in Recollective

Lara Aippersbach photo
Lara Aippersbach
In this article, we will cover three different Recollective Task types that you can use for collaging and provide considerations to help you decide which one would work best in different use case scenarios.
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