The power to uncover new insights and opportunities

Recollective Baseline is a free online research tool used to engage groups to learn from them. It complements traditional surveys and implements focus group type research online.


What is Recollective Baseline?

It's an easy-to-use tool that brings focus group type research online and allows you to connect with your audiences like never before. Use Recollective to understand why and how your audiences think and act as they do and uncover new and actionable insights for your business.

Connect With Your Audiences
Every business is connected to different groups of people: customers, employees, members, investors, students and social networks.
Understand Why and How
Engage with your audiences to explore behaviours and uncover emotional drivers. Understand why and how your audience thinks and acts as they do.
Inform Decisions, Uncover Opportunities
Track responses in real-time using innovative analysis tools. Browse incoming data as visual overviews, run reports, generate transcripts.

Better Decisions From Deeper Insights

Until now there hasn't been an easy and accessible way to ask and understand why people act and think as they do. Professional researchers answer this question by examining behaviours and emotional reactions through in-person focus groups.

You may gauge this type of learning by hosting meetings, sending emails or chatting by the water cooler. Recollective Baseline brings this process online and gives you access to the same tool the Pros use.

Gather & synthesize data in a quick and structured manner. You get professional software, streamlined and easier to use.
The platform is fully mobile and responses are viewed in real time. Charts and analysis tools help you make sense of the data
It's efficient, saves time and is free for up to 50 participants. Create short studies or access participants again over time.

Proven, Powerful & Innovative Features

Recollective Baseline is a simplified version of Recollective Professional, a proven insights platform used by leading market researchers worldwide. It introduces qualitative research to the non-researchers and makes it accessible to everyone. It's also free and easy-to-use.

  • Guided
    Participants are guided through activities that keep them engaged and interested.
  • Mobile
    Fully supported on all mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops.
  • Analytics
    Innovative tools simplify the research process. Detailed reports and rich charting options facilitate data interpretation.
  • International
    The software interface is currently offered in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Italian, Dutch and Chinese (Simplified).
Start a study now for free (yes, it's totally free)

Applications for Recollective

The possible applications for Recollective Baseline are endless. Here are some of the more popular ways that Recollective helps businesses and organizations generate insights and identify opportunity.

Understand Behaviours

Learn why people shop at one store and not another or how your product is actually being used.

Evaluate Visual Concepts

Validate and improve your branding, packaging and advertisements with annotated image reviews.

Collect Data On-The-Go

Witness reactions and collect data in near real-time from mobile devices used around the home or across town.

Gather Feedback

Uncover the unmet needs of your customers, monitor sentiment and learn from employees, members, investors and other stakeholders.

Build an Insights Community

Organize a group of trusted and engaged individuals so you can reach out to them anytime for support and insights.

Engage Social Networks

Invite fans and followers to join your studies so you can engage and learn from them.

How It Works

Recollective Baseline is designed to allow non-professional researchers to quickly and easily gain new insights by following a simple process.

  • 1
    Set an Objective
    Before setting up your study, determine the specific insights you're looking for and the questions you need to ask to uncover them.
  • 2
    Build a Study
    Create activities (questions) to be answered by participants and/or start discussions around specific topics.
  • 3
    Involve Participants
    Send individual or group emails, bulk import contacts or share the study URL to members of your social networks.
  • 4
    Analyze and Interpret
    As responses flow in, start highlighting and tagging relevant excerpts, ask probing questions, add new activities, check metrics and create reports.
  • 5
    Close or Continue
    Once your study is complete you can close the study or keep the group engaged and draw on them to look into other topics by creating new activities.

So Much More Than a Survey

Traditional online surveys allow you to get at certain answers but don't help you to understand your audiences' behaviours and motivations. Recollective helps uncover these insights and can compliment surveys to produce more robust research results.

Video and Mobile Activities

Participants can be tasked, in text or by video, to complete physical activities such as retail shopping trips. They can respond with photos and videos while they're on-the-go.

Engage Interactively

Recollective includes unique and interactive task types such as “Image Review” (marking and annotating of images) and “Sort & Rank” (drag-and-drop items into groups).

Socialize & Follow Up

Responses are shared among participants after each question is answered. Socializing responses drives insightful discussion and the opportunity to ask follow-up questions.

Build an Insights Community

Participants can be engaged for a short, one-time study or kept-on and engaged in various studies over time. Keeping participants engaged over the longer term allows you to build your own “insights community”.

Need more power? Upgrade to Recollective Professional

Recollective Baseline is a powerful, free tool intended for non-professional researchers new to online qualitative research. It is a simplified version of Recollective Professional, an enterprise-grade customer insights platform used by the world's top market researchers.

Recollective Professional provides professional researchers an extensive and robust platform to integrate their proprietary research methodologies and analytical approaches to cultivate robust customer insights communities. Recollective Professional is supported by our professional services team.

About Us

Ramius Corporation, the developer of Recollective, is a software company focused on the development of cloud-based social software for engagement and research. Since our inception in 1998, we have developed online community systems and social networking platforms for millions of consumers and hundreds of enterprises including SAP, NASA, Honeywell, Kaiser Permanent, Ciena, Sony, Nikon, Dreamworks, and the World Bank. Ramius is a privately-held Canadian company based in the Ottawa region.

Ramius partners with the world's most innovative and visionary market researchers to advance Recollective as the leading online community-based qualitative research platform on which people can be engaged for the purpose of identifying new insights to inform decision making.